5 Paragraph Essays Tips That Will Help Your Essay Writing Life Easier

As a student goes through school, it is likely that they’ll be tasked to write an essay. Teachers usually use essays as a testing tool for students. It might appear on various academic subjects like English and Literature. In addition, teachers also use essays as a testing tool even in subjects like Mathematics and Science. Essay writing is a good testing tool and it is a nice way to practice a student’s ability to organize thoughts. If you are having a hard time writing essays, a 5-paragraph essay is good for you. To get you started, here are some 5-paragraph essays tips.

One of the 5-paragraph essays tips that you must learn first is to know the parts of your essay. In an essay, there are three main parts. The first one is introduction, next is the body, and the last one is the conclusion. In a 5-paragraph essay, we can cut these parts in five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction. The following three paragraphs will be dedicated for the body. The last paragraph will be for the conclusion of your essay. In addition, you must try to spread the word count of your paragraphs evenly. If your essay word count is 500, you can allot 100 words per paragraph. However, do not force yourself on following this.

The next 5-paragraph essays tips you can follow is to make your introduction interesting. This is the first part of your essay that will be read, so in case that you will not be able to get the reader’s interest, he or she may disregard reading your essay as a whole. To make sure that you get their interest, place a statement that will encourage the reader on reading more. So instead of just writing ‘In this essay I will discuss about why dinosaurs are extinct,’ you can do better by writing ‘The last dinosaurs of our planet died approximately 65 million years ago.’

Another one of 5-paragraph essays tips that can help you write is about writing a good supporting body. Since you have three paragraphs for the body of your essay, you can get three supporting ideas for your topic or thesis. Those three supporting ideas will be the main ideas of your three paragraphs. After that, you can formulate now three to four sentences that will support every main idea that you have. This the easiest of all the 5-paragraph essays tips, and follow this to the dot will make your essay more organized and readable.

The last of the 5-paragraph essays tips is for your conclusion. To write a good conclusion to your essay, simply summarize all the main points of your essay’s body and then reiterate your main claim on your topic. By following all of the 5-paragraph essays tips mentioned, you will be able to make your essay writing ability more organized.

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