Creativity Vs Technology, Good or Evil?

Technology advances increasingly rapid steps, where there are tasks that should be reserved for human creativity on many occasions. The aim is to have technology help human beings, but sometimes all this aid exceeds the barriers.

Technology is a great tool for humans, whose purpose is to acquire the ability to build a variety of activities from raw materials as well as a variety of objects, machines, programs that are useful for being human as well as the development and improvement of production and self-employ in order to favorably modify the environment or achieving a more secure life.

But that can happen to this great advancement of mankind requires something essential to knowing how creativity. As Fromm says:

“Creativity is not a quality that are particularly gifted artists and other individuals, but an attitude that each person can possess.” (Fromm, 1959).

Similarly creativity is a great stimulation received by the brain that makes generate new ideas that benefit humans. However these new ideas are you kicking off new trends in this case arises in technology.

It should be noted that creativity is always present in humans as technology with the passage of time has done this quickly.

Added to this man tries to change their environment to meet their needs and adapt to technological changes occurring today, leading the individual to have the knowledge to effectively manage technology.

Technology has now been in magnitude in the teaching; now in education technology is mixed at all times, which Are all teachers will be able to have contact with the technology?

Sometimes the teacher is not trained with the technology as it can not be used due to lack of training. on the other hand, it happens that some of the teachers have technical knowledge but repeatedly becomes dependent on technology, going so far if they find a technological tool not give his class; that’s where questions; Does the teacher is dependent on technology? Or is it needed to develop creativity ?, where creativity for their class is where the skill of inquiry remain tools which can be applied creativity.

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