How to Write a 5 Paragraphed Narration Essay

How to Write a 5 Paragraphed Narration Essay

Many English courses both online and at school make it mandatory for their students to write a well-written 5 paragraphed narration essay. A narration essay is quite different from any other essay type. This kind of essay requires a writer to write a story that will let the readers of the story know about the writer’s experiences. In addition, this kind of essay can provide readers with lessons that can be used when they encounter the same situation that the writer has. The following paragraphs will let you know how to create this type of essay.

Before writing a 5 paragraphed narration essay, you must gather all your thoughts and remember everything about the story you want to tell. You might want to meditate for at least ten to fifteen minutes since this is the only way you can get your ‘research’ material for your story. While doing this, it is best to think clearly and try to re-live all the scenes that you want to tell. This will make it easier for you to convey the emotions in written words.

After gathering all the thoughts that you need to write on your 5 paragraphed narration essays, write them down sentence by sentence. Try to use adjectives that suit your emotions and adjectives that vividly describe the scenarios. This will not be your actual essay but this will be your resource material written. By doing this, you will not need to rethink and you will be sure that what you will write will be accurate.

Next is to organize your story. You will do this by arranging your story into a 5 paragraphed narration essay form.
The first one is the introduction. In this part, you will mention the things you want to point out in your story. This will include what you learned and how this story influenced you.

Next are the body paragraphs. The first paragraph will tell the readers how the story began. While the second paragraph will explain all the details of what happened in your story. To end the body, the third paragraph will talk about your emotions and the after-effects of the incident.

The last paragraph of your 5 paragraphed narration essay will be the conclusion. In this paragraph, you will briefly mention again all the things that happened. In addition, you will need to tell the end of the story here. To finish this paragraph, write at least one to two sentences about the moral lesson you have learned.

Following all the instructions provided will help you write a nice 5 paragraphed narration essay. To make sure your work has no problems, after writing the conclusion, proofread your 5 paragraphed narration essays for any possible grammatical errors. Moreover, there are other ways to write this kind of essay, make sure that you learn them for you to improve further.

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