What exercises should a woman do to lose weight?

You’re a mom. Do you have time to exercise? Moms have a very hard time. They can be cook, maid, taxi driver, teacher, referee, and the list goes on. If you are a mother, you know how to do things for everyone else, but chances are you don’t worry about yourself. On the way to parenting, it’s hard to do what you love to do.

School hours, carpooling, and extracurricular activities don’t provide much time for exercise and exercise along with housework and a full-time job. However, that excuse is no longer enough. Today mom knows how to do things. They can come up to see a dentist at the last minute for little Tommy, and they don’t have a moment left for a class play that little Tommy forgot to mention. Super Mom can always find the time to do whatever it takes to maintain a happy home for residents. So “I don’t have time” doesn’t fly anymore. Of course, mothers everywhere should be ashamed of using excuses when they meet a real mother, if you really want to do something it’s like those things of divine brotherhood.

Take care of yourself. So relaxing and exercising should be one of the little things on your calendar. Of course, do it now. Mark your “me time” on your day plan or dry erase board. Then ditch the tennis racket and hit the court with your girlfriend, or join a gym, or walk for your overall health and fitness. Procrastination is a nonsense word for mothers who want to do something good for their children, and it also applies to what you want or need to do.

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Flexibility and diversification are good things. Diversify your exercise schedule to include walking alone with your husband, tennis matches with girlfriends, and horseback riding. Be creative when planning your week in advance. If you know you have to take your daughter to school at 3:00 on Monday, but your son leaves at 2:30, put your time on properly and put your Nike shoes in a gym bag and walk around while you wait. If your daughter has 25 minutes of city volleyball training in high school, grab his swimsuit and wear it to swim in the school pool. Even if you speak, most schools won’t mind if some offer free swimming on certain days of the week.

The most important thing to remember is that, since you are a mother, you may have to jump out of a thirty-minute window to have time to exercise. Prepare for those moments and learn to anticipate the unexpected and be careful to use time wisely. If your child’s soccer practice lasts more than 45 minutes, say, “Mommy, I’m ready!” Keep walking down the track until you hear the sweet words of the world. Even as a busy mom, you can get what you want.


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