What is a marriage plan?

In working with companies to come up with a business plan, I usually start with a goal setting conversation. How to create a business plan without goals by following the plan? Customers will be taught to create milestones to measure success, and they will be responsible for the task of completing each step. It is important to monitor activities to achieve goals. But before that can happen, they have to dream.

Step One: Dreams

When setting a “goal setting” people will usually start with the money they want to earn. Sometimes they have a clear idea of ​​what they are going to do with that money, and sometimes they will choose a dollar amount because they think they should do so.

In business, there is an old story that was updated many years after graduating from Harvard on graduation day. “Do you clearly write down your goals?” Only 3% answered “yes”. Ten years later, 3% of the same individuals with clearly written goals were rated more than 97% of the total class. Hmmm together I can not think of a reason not to set a goal if it is right!

The key to setting goals is to be as specific as possible and create measurable milestones along the way to ensure you are on the right track to long-term success. For example, if your goal is to make more money, you need to be more specific in the first place. How much money do you get? When will it be available? What do you need to do to get there? Looking for a new job? May I add? Are you selling a new account? Can I go back to school and graduate? What steps do you need to take to achieve your income goal? Create a plan to make each step through the attached timeline.

Step Two: Set goals together

Two things are important in setting a goal as a couple. First of all, it is good to set personal goals. But you should share it with your spouse and make sure it fits your goals. You both may want a lot of money, but if one of you works to send your kids to college and the other earns money to travel first class around the world without your kids, you are both good at dreaming. But you should not win double.

My advice is to dream of yourself first. It is important to find out what is important to you and share it with your partner. If you skip that part and go straight to the second step, more voice or collective commitment will dominate the conversation and the other will pursue their goals in the absence of other dreams. Include in the main project.

Setting goals together is a continuous process. Be sure to see if your partner shares their best dreams today as they did many years ago. (Or several months) or not

Step 3: Create your dreams in pictures.

It is important to dream together as a film. Most people on this planet have a high “visual” object. When you dream, dream big, give your subconscious a chance to play by visualizing your dreams. The mind thinks and processes information into images. If you want to train your mind, present what you want to do in the form of an image.

Why is this not a “brainwashing” as a marriage partner? I never knew. Why do people wonder if after many years of marriage a spouse wants to travel around the world and the other person’s dream of spending time visiting family does not make sense? Dream together. Dream in the picture and discuss your goals and plans together. If you are not on the same page, decide if it is worth fighting for or if you want to, because you think you should stick to what we have been taught by social and media.

Cut and paste old magazines to recreate your dream pictures. When you crop the image, explain to your partner why you chose it for your visualization. When you see all the photos for your joint photo team together, you are ready to put them in the cardboard box to create a dream collage.

The most important part of creating your dream photo board together is to put it in your fridge to remind each other every day that you are working together towards your dream. Keeping your dreams in the present makes it easier for you as a couple to connect with what is important to you. Companies create business plans and hang mission statements in the lobby to keep them central. Cool

What is the best definition of love?

Liz got angry and she threw the stuff in her pocket book and slapped the drawer. “What’s the matter with him?” She smokes. “The rent is late again. That’s all he says. ‘Don’t worry, it’s fine.’ I can not take this anymore! Whether the child has a high fever or the electricity company wants to turn off the electricity because it does not put the bill in the wrong place and never pays, he can say ‘Don’t worry, it will be fine, be quiet.’ When I got married, I thought someone should share my burden, ignore them, don’t worry ?! ”

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Barry was frustrated. “Why did Michael stop crying when everything I was talking about?” He wondered. “I’m just kidding, my sister didn’t even look down on the way she did. Why should she be so emotional in all the ways? The conversation we had about the serious matter ended with her crying, I was sick. That’s enough for me! ”

Both Liz and Barry seem to have formal complaints. Liz’s husband Mike has now shrunk, and Barry’s wife Michael has exaggerated all of his comments. As it progressed each day, both Liz and Barry began to feel disappointed in their marriage. Even if they didn’t say it – even to themselves – deeply, the couple wondered if they were actually married to the right person.

But before allowing this matter to go any further, Barry and Liz are advised to turn the clock on single and search time. Let’s do this for them and see what we find:

Liz is very nervous. Throughout school, she gets headaches every time she makes a choice. When her friend started getting answers from college before she did, she started calling the admissions office twice a day because she was so worried about what was going on. Liz knew she was so worried about everything. But she could not control her personality.

When Liz met Mike, she immediately relaxed in front of him. Her calm, simple, stress-free personality comforted her, and she found him happy with his company when they got engaged. She knew Mike was safe with her. Always those things will be done

Although Barry loves his parents very much. But he wanted his house to be different from the house he grew up in. For some reason, it seems that his mother does not get along with his father. As Barry grew up, he realized that while his mother was talented in many ways, he was insensitive. As Barry begins to think about marriage, he realizes that this trait is high on his list of priorities. When he met Michael, the first quality he noticed was her incredible sensitivity. She knew what everyone was saying at the right time. The more Barry knew Michael, the more he appreciated her quality. When they got engaged, Michael knew he had actually met someone who would be his soul mate, with whom he could always share his feelings, and he knew he would understand.

It’s a clich ஆனால் but it’s true: no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and often, their faults are nothing more than altering their positive traits. This means that some people who are relaxed, calm, and stress-free may not really care much about serious issues and ask for attention. People who are very sensitive to others can be very sensitive to themselves and should be treated accordingly.

In any relationship – but especially in marriage, it is important to learn how to appreciate both, and to acknowledge the fact that those qualities that you most admire in your spouse may have different features. They should not be your choice. Also some changes may be required The best adjustment you can see is to refocus your vision lens.

According to Liz, by focusing more on Mike’s amazing ability to keep her calm and balanced, his background habits seem to be a barrier to situations. For Barry, Michael is focused on his incredible sensitivity to his feelings and accepts that her feelings can be fragile and that his words are carefully weighed. Both Mike and Michael did not fall. If Liz is upset, Mike can warn her to thank him for putting electricity on her. Michael has to tell himself that Barry is used to teasing, and if he hurts her feelings, it’s not for the purpose. If each wife shows how much she or the other appreciates him or her, they will keep their marriage in their power for a second.

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