What should you spend on your honeymoon?

Sometimes the best practices will not be clear until your options are identified and considered. The following paragraphs will help you to consider what experts consider important. I have long dreamed of coming to the Phi Phi Islands. I first read about these beautiful remote islands on Phuket beach about 10 years ago, and then, like everyone else, I was mesmerized by the beautiful scenes depicted on The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. After watching this movie a second time, I decided that one day Phi Phi would be my honeymoon destination.

You can imagine the feelings I was expecting when I went there with my bride a few weeks ago. Most tourists come by sea from Phuket or Grabi. Instead, we decided to fly from Phuket Airport on our new seaplane service Blue Water Air. As we landed, I saw the beautiful view below of the clean rocks and dense forest with golden sandy beaches. We boarded a speedboat and a few minutes later arrived at a lovely little village on Tun Sai Bay.

Although it is commonly referred to as Go Phi Phi, “Go” is pronounced as Phi Phi. But there are two islands The largest of the two islands is Phi Phi Tan, where everyone lives, because the smaller Phi Phi Lay is uninhabited. The main attractions of Phi Phi Lai are the beautiful beaches where Maya Bay and the movies were filmed. On Phi Phi Dawn Island, there are wonderful resorts around the beach. But most of the accommodation is in the village of Tonsai where the sand stretches between two steep hills, surrounded by sea on both sides.

My first visit was that there were no cars on the island. Porters use rickshaws to transport luggage from the docks to your hotel rooms, and fast-paced form of bicycles, small roads running between the hotel and the bungalows, small shops offering everything. 24 hour internet access, dive packages first pizza and pancakes.

After booking our hotel on Phi Phi Kabana Island, we swam at Loh Dalam Bay a few meters away. It was surprisingly shallow, and we occasionally made Thai fishermen for sea kayak or company. As the sun went down we leaned back into the water and looked at the lights of the glowing waterfront cafes and bars. We are in heaven under the palm tree!

Later that night, we celebrated our first night on Phi Phi Island at the Jungle Bar with cocktails. We met a young Scandinavian pack baker who suggested we go to Xiao Bella Italian Restaurant for “Best Pizza in Thailand”. My wife chose fresh seafood prawns. Exhibition but I ordered pizza depending on the reputation of the store. I later spoke to an Italian landlord who said he had lived in Phi Phi for more than 10 years and that his family had lived in Phuket for a week. But he prefers the simple life in his beach bungalow.

The next morning we hired a speed boat and set off to see Maya Bay, where most of the movies were made. Surprisingly, it didn’t spoil even though people visited every day. Get there early – or before sunset – you should have your own part of the beach. When the first boat arrived, we went to Snorkeling on the other side of the island. I have done snorkeling before. But it really felt special as I was floating above a wonderful ocean world with brightly colored fish swimming around me. At first my wife was nervous. But then we had a hard time getting her out of the water! We went around the island and stopped at the quiet little bay for swimming.

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Sometimes the most important aspects of the story are not immediately clear. Read the full picture.

When we got back to the dock, I was finally ready for an afternoon nap. But my wife had a different idea, “What about Thai massage?” He asked. We went to a small massage parlor and 90 minutes later I entered a sleepless paradise.

That night I was getting ready for another night of drinking and eating with my toes in the sand. But my wife decided she had to go somewhere “politely.” “Honey, we were on an island several miles away from everywhere.” I prayed “Don’t be stupid, we will find a special place here”. That night we dined at an excellent French restaurant called Le Grand Blue located in an alley near Jatti.

Go upstairs with a bottle of wine, and then we go to this lively bar, mostly pack bakers. What we really like is Apache, a large, quiet bar with a floor slope at the bottom of a steep hill, and a small bar Carlitos with a wonderful “fire show” where dancers spin. The star of the Body and Burning Club show told us she organized a class to teach her skills to the local people, so get ready for the Phi Phi Island Fire Dance!

The next day we chartered a longtail boat and spent about 30 minutes on Bamboo Island. We relax in the shade of the coconut and palm trees on the beach and read a novel we bought from a second hand bookstore before leaving the village. We want to learn scuba diving. But the longer we stay on the island the greater the need to do as little as possible. I will always find something new in the village. My favorites are the reggae bars hidden in the mountains and the bakery that looks like a TV. Praise throughout the day

Most of the time, I enjoyed sleeping on a small bar by the sea to chat with anyone who had fallen into the sea, while my wife was enjoying the sunshine in a deck chair on the beach a few miles away. I am. One afternoon we were able to wake up high enough to “view” the nearby mountain, where you can admire the beauty of the bay below. It’s beautiful and worth a tiring hike.

Our five vacations on Phi Phi Island seemed too short. As we prepare to board the boat to the seaplane floating dock, I insist that we take off our shoes and wander through the bay one last time. With the dream of successfully going to this island, I am now looking forward to my second honeymoon. It didn’t come fast

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